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About Myla

Since starting my educational journey in 1991 after graduating from Michigan State University, I've dedicated my career to fostering environments where students and educators can thrive. My first role as a teacher in Texas marked the beginning of a lifelong commitment to education, eventually bringing me back to Michigan,  where I continued to teach and expand my expertise in literacy, technology integration, differentiation, project-based learning, and gifted education.

I've always strongly emphasized the power of student voice and the importance of a collaborative and thoughtful classroom culture. Encouraging inquiry and curiosity, I aimed to engage students deeply in their learning journeys. The concept of identity played a crucial role in my teaching, ensuring my library and content reflected my students' diverse backgrounds and experiences, inspired by Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop's insights on literature as a vehicle for equity.
My students have taught me invaluable lessons about life and learning, setting high expectations for me just as I did for them. This reciprocal relationship has been the cornerstone of my teaching philosophy. 

Transitioning into the role of the district Project Based Learning with Technology Integration Specialist was a professional milestone. I leveraged my classroom experiences to guide educators and leaders through learner-centered projects, culminating in annual district exhibitions of learning.

As an instructional coach, I've embraced the role of empowering educators, principals, and district leaders through coaching. I believe coaching is crucial in creating effective learning environments, and I continually seek to enhance my skills in this area.

As a consultant for various education organizations, including PBLWorks as a National Faculty Member, since 2011, I've had the privilege of designing curricula, writing about my teaching experiences, coaching educators and leaders, and facilitating workshops worldwide.This adventure has continually expanded my toolkit and expertise in designing and building learner-centered cultures with the teachers, coaches, and leaders who partner with me.

Outside of my professional life, my family—my husband, Rob, and our three children—remains my greatest source of inspiration and perspective. My children’s unique characteristics and approaches to learning remind me of the undeniable importance of intellectual curiosity and the value of both the destination and the journey in education.

My career and personal life reflect a commitment to making a difference in the world through education, fostering a better future for all learners.

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